Job Description

Matchstic is the brand identity house of the South. We focus on creating and developing brands that have something positive to contribute to the world, so a lot of what we do is help clients understand who they are, why they matter and how to express it to the right people. It’s deep, thoughtful work that helps shape deep, thoughtful brands.

We are looking for seasoned senior designers who care deeply about clients, collaboration and distilling complex problems into beautiful, high-quality, thoughtful, useful work. We're looking for a breadth of capabilities: someone who can design across a wide range of styles and mediums, with a primary focus on brand identity, while leading clients and art directing other designers.

Our senior designers are confident, practiced presenters who know how to defend their work with strategic rationale. They are conceptual and strategic thinkers. They can interpret a brief and connect the dots, working cross-functionally with writers, strategists and project managers. We value strong communicators who are both independently responsible and highly collaborative.


Matchstic is the brand identity house of the South. We believe that identity is essential, and to stand out in your space, you have to know who you are. Our work does just that—helping brands uncover and express what makes them unique and how they can drive culture forward.