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Senior Industrial Designer

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Raleigh, NC

Aug 13
Job Description

The Senior Industrial Designer researches, visualizes, and executes our Industrial Design team’s projects, as they are assigned. This work is done through reference gathering, industry trend analysis, ideation sketching, digital visualization techniques, stylistic surface modeling, mechanical problem solving, and model building. This position also provides mentorship and guidance to our staff and junior ID team members when individuals are struggling with their work, or would benefit from outside perspective or training on technique, visual language, or design execution.

Seniority in this role implies a high level of proficiency and prior experience in the technical, interpersonal, and communication skills required to produce top-quality work in our industry. Our firm relies on the SID role to stay current on industry trends, emergent techniques and software, and to lead our Staff and Junior ID team members by their example.

This position reports to our ID team’s Project Manager, and is accountable to that role for real-time communication, high-quality creative output, and compliance with project-based deadlines and milestones. This role receives direction from our Creative Director, and input on vision and technique from our Lead Industrial Designer.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Industrial Design
5+ years work experience in Industrial Design

Contribution to the achievement of the company’s strategic and operational objectives
A practical understanding of project requirements and their translation into design intent
Proven creative project execution and successful transition to production processes
Coordinate with internal team members, contractors, vendors, and other industry partners
Proficiency in design research, user profiling, and reference collection
Proficiency in ideation sketching and other visualization techniques
Proficiency in 3D CAD software
Command of digital & physical tools of the Industrial Design field
Excellent organizational habits and abilities
Interest and desire to mentor and guide others
Aptitude in on-the-fly decision-making and problem-solving
Participation in general office tasks such as scheduling, organization, filing, clean-up, phone calls, and email correspondence
Participation in travel for client meetings, industry events, and company outings

Full-time salaried pay
Health Insurance
401K Retirement
Travel Opportunity

Application Details

We require submission of your résumé, cover letter, and a strong portfolio of your best work in product design, CAD modeling, prototype fabrication, and most importantly, your design process.

Portfolios should be a link to an online collection of work, or a PDF less than 25MB.

Please send via email to, and use the subject line, “Senior Industrial Designer”.

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