Job Description

We are hiring a Senior Industrial Designer to support the Tripod, Mobile, Travel, and Camera Accessories product teams (collectively known as Hard Goods), focusing on design ideation, concept generation, styling refinement, and visualization of new products launching in the future as we grow our product catalog and expand into new product verticals.

The person we hire is considered an internal floating resource that consults and collaborates closely with design engineers across all teams. They are the project owners responsible for getting products to mass production, and you will provide ongoing design support throughout the whole project. A sample of your responsibilities might include:

• Conceptualize, develop, and refine new, forward-thinking, and brand-centric products with a shared design language across different product lines.
• Create original design concepts and solutions through sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, and rapid prototyping.
• Define color, material, and finish specifications for new product concepts, and coordinate with contract manufacturers to create sample parts and prototypes with desired CMF and design intent.
• Conduct product maintenance: design scrubbing, redesigning, optimizing, or refreshing existing products.
• Actively contribute to team brainstorms, design reviews, and project progress meetings

The following list represents a range of traits and experience that would help make you highly effective and impactful in this role:

• You are a visual communication expert, capable of visually capturing and synthesizing your ideas as well as those of other team members:
· Proficient at 2D sketching and rendering, both analog and digital.
· Expert in surface modeling on any major 3D CAD system (We use Fusion 360 and Onshape).
· Efficient with product visualization and rendering (Keyshot preferred).
· Adept in rapid prototyping techniques: 3D printing, making mock-ups and looks-like models.
• You champion design intent, skillfully create compelling presentations to showcase your design decisions, and can communicate these to technical and non-technical audiences.
• You thrive in managing multiple design projects simultaneously, and can handle deliverables at different levels of fidelity and type of execution depending on each project’s timeline and team needs.
• Strong organizational skills for both physical and digital assets ( We use Google Docs and Adobe Creative Cloud for file creation and management; and keep a library of physical material and finish samples in our headquarters).
• The ones below might be more Peak Design specific, but having these would set you apart from the rest of the candidate pool:
· Strong mechanical aptitude. You have worked extensively with moving parts and mechanisms.
· Familiarity with basic materials properties of aluminum alloys, steels, plastics, elastomers.
· Familiarity with these manufacturing processes: CNC milling, die casting, injection molding, stamping, extrusion, and assembly.
· Familiarity with various surface finishes: anodization, powder coating, painting, plating.
· Familiarity with phase-gates manufacturing system (Proto, EVT, DVT, PVT, Mass Production).

Peak Design

Peak Design makes radical, meticulously-engineered gear for detail-obsessed people. Our backpacks, travel bags, camera gear, and phone accessories are used dang-near everywhere. If you’ve visited Machu Picchu, Tokyo, or an REI store in the last 10 years, you’ve been within ogling distance of a Peak Design product.

Alongside our award-winning gear is a brand that truly reflects who we are as people—passionate about design, deeply caring about our environmental and social impact, unafraid to speak up, radically transparent, and generally down to clown. Whether we’re explaining a product, running a sale, launching a nonprofit, sponsoring a film, or razzing the biggest company on Earth, we do it with our trademark honesty, warmth, and wit. Through our products and our brand, we aim to create delight, and leave this world better than how we found it.