Senior Interior Designer

Richardson Design, Inc. k

Cleveland, OH

May 7
Job Description

Job Summary:
The Senior Interior Designer works in close coordination with the Design + Trend Director to develop creative, applicable design solutions which meet the strategic, aesthetic, functional and budgetary criteria of each project. The Senior Interior Designer manages client projects, occasionally leads the direction of a project, liaises with clients, and communicates and coordinates with strategic partners. The Senior Interior Designer is responsible for developing and fully executing design concepts from ideation through fruition, both independently and as part of a larger team structure.

Required Education, Skills, and Experience:
1. Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, or Architecture.
2. 8+ years of Interior Design experience, including a portfolio reflective of Hospitality Design experience.
3. Proficient in AutoCAD, InDesign, SketchUp, and Photoshop.
4. A portfolio of work which demonstrates not only superior skills as a designer, but as a thought leader in developing new and innovative solutions for clients.
5. Exceptional ability to communicate design ideas and direction quickly, both verbally and graphically.
6. Exceptional ability to manage time, budget and expectations of a project.
7. Ability to work well in a team environment and as a mentor to other team members.
8. Strong knowledge of the design process, including color and materials, furniture FF&E and specifications.
9. Ability to take a project concept through development and implementation.
10. Team leadership and mentoring experience preferable.

Richardson Design, Inc.

Design builds connections. It sparks relationships between people and brands. It encourages us to experiment, explore, engage. Design gives brands life—energy. Something to hold on to. Richardson Design is a brand experience studio. That means we create dynamic intersections where brands meet and move people. Our Midwestern charm is our edge. We are purposeful and anchored by a foundation of practiced design principles. And, we are adventurous—agile and collaborative as a partner to companies that want to tell meaningful stories. We come to the table prepared to listen, learn, share ideas and map out workable creative strategies. We are artist entrepreneurs who push boundaries to meet your demands. We serve companies of all sizes from across town in Northeast Ohio to across the globe. We are constantly asking, “How could this work better?” as we design solutions for our partners. We believe you can achieve great design and build a vision—a truly contagious brand—while respecting resources like time and cost. We bring the knowledge and experience to address all of those layers.