Job Description

*Benefits: Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Vision Insurance 401K Life Insurance
*Compensation Range: $100 - 145K

We are seeking a Senior Product Designer to lead the design and development of our next generation consumer products. You will need to be comfortable designing small, lightweight, and wearable devices with Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Assembly (DfA) know how.

-Work with company founders to conceptualize product form, fit, and function
-Combine artistic talent, industrial design, and engineering with product and marketing research
-Apply DfM and DfA techniques
-Lead the product design from concept to manufacturing
-Work with our 3D modeler to overcome DfM issues (thin metal mold condition, heat sinks, etc) and finalize CAD models for production

-You will have access to our domestic and overseas prototyping equipment
-You will have access to our overseas office, factory, and suppliers
-We have a 3D modeler that can create moldable production parts
-We can provide any level of electronics support
-Company founders are capable engineers and product designers

-4+ Years of Consumer Product Design Experience including following products to market
-General DFx know how
-3D modeling or sketching
-Keen eye for aesthetics
-Experience in every aspect of product design
-Electronics experience is a plus


Noxgear creates obsessively engineered active-lifestyle products for people and their pets all over the world.

But before that, Noxgear was just us, Tom and Simon – two aerospace engineers working in advanced research and development who applied their skills and passion to build a light-up vest to illuminate players for their nighttime games of ultimate frisbee. Our first version relied on duct tape and binder clips, but it created an unforgettable experience on the field and propelled us forward on a mission to significantly enhance the experience and safety of people who live an active lifestyle.