Senior User Researcher

EchoUser k

San Francisco, CA

Mar 25
Job Description

EchoUser is a holistic UX research & design firm working in projects from digital to outer space. We pride ourselves on researching and designing for a wide variety of complex products and domains. Whether it’s enterprise design (e.g., VMware; Varian Medical Systems; Cisco; etc.), massive user populations (large search engines; car drivers), multifaceted systems (e.g., BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit), different experiences (e.g., Gooru, and the ‘learning experience’), or other real-life experiential challenges (e.g., bagels; coffee; living in deep space; etc.), we specialize in taking on complex projects and succeeding with a research-first mindset.

We are looking for experienced User Researchers to help our partner-clients in the San Francisco area (and beyond where needed). We are considering multiple openings, but expect these roles to be able to lead projects and mentor others. Exact title would be appropriate to your level & experience. If you see yourself taking on many roles, from independent research, large-scale multi-disciplinary projects, user testing, to the occasional business conversation, read on.


* Knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct and lead studies with people. You will be independently involved with and leading usability testing, interviews, contextual inquiries, persona development, etc.

* Approximately 3+ years of hands-on, professional, applied usability testing and/or user experience research (outside of any school program coursework) is required for this position.

* Ideally you have ‘big company’ experience. Many of our clients expect a certain level of ‘big company’ professionalism and detail (in fact, many of them are actually big companies). Having said that, your ability to take all that you know and fit it to a super-charged fast-as-we-can early-stage start-up is important as well. One size does not fit all.

* Technically adept and conversant. While we test most anything, software is our bread and butter. And sometimes it gets quite technical.

* Solid understanding of measurement and common statistics. We deliver advanced experience evaluation, not just qualitative feedback. But you can tell a story with your data in a way that anyone can understand.

* Some experience leading and mentoring others. We are inherently collaborative, and growing. There are many aspects of the role that are mentor-related activities, both internally and with our clients.

* Some more technical skills. What exactly? Who knows; you tell us. There's something you do, can build, or know about that is interesting to you and that we'd like to hear about.

* A graduate degree in Human Factors, Experimental Psychology, Usability, Design or similar specialization is preferred. Other technical degrees with emphasis or specific experience in these areas are also welcome.


Along with your resume (LinkedIn preferred), please send a brief description of yourself and why you'd like to work with us at EchoUser. A personal website or portfolio is welcome, but not required.

We look forward to hearing from you.


EchoUser is the Any Experience user research, interaction & visual design firm, helping both big companies and any-sized teams chasing bold goals. We help you create the best user experiences possible. Whether it's complex design, deep research, or a new startup idea, we work with our client partners to take on any experience goal.