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Chicago, IL

Nov 8
Job Description

Job Summary
The Temporary Structural Designer (SD) both utilizes proven approaches and develops new techniques in the design, engineering, testing, organization and general execution of temporary POP display project requests (PRs). The SD carries out the above task In a timely and productive manner, In such a way as to meets budgetary requirements, so as to be producible by in house or vendor facilities within the prescribed deadline and to fit within production time-frame. Responsible to also meet the visual and structural needs of the Client, campaign, product, and/or Retailer.


Display Design

Attend a kickoff meeting at the onset of a project with Account Project Managers (APMs) to establish needs and parameters of request and to communicate any immediate concerns

Use CAD software to engineer solutions required or specified by PR and Concept Rendering

Test designed components for strength, durability and safety before finalizing prototypes

Consider environmental and process requirements specific to each PR, including but not limited to specific hazards in retail arena, client or retailer standards, ease of assembly, etc.

Develop prototype samples, either blank or with prototype or production artwork.

Operate safely in and around the TSD Facilities, tools, equipment and machinery

Foster an inclusive, collaborative and productive work environment

Project Organization

Create specification sheets (Specs) or Bill of Materials (BOMs) to departmental standard, and deliver to APMs and Estimating department for pricing and lead times

Photograph and/or package proven samples for shipment, for approval of client and/or AE

Carry out any required revisions to prototype, and subsequent updates to Specs/BOM

Communicate clearly and effectively in writing and/or using appropriate workflow software

Production Support

Prepare for and attend Sold Order and Turnover meetings, contribute as needed

Work with Production to finialize diework to eliminate downtime on presses

Attend First-Off press checks in order to confirm design performance and/or to troubleshoot


Bachelor’s or Advanced Degree in related field

Experience in Temporary POP Design (or adjacent industry), 5 years minimum

Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing

Capacity to multitask without losing focus in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

Familiarity with industry processes and quality standards, including:

Identifying properties and tolerances of a broad inventory of temporary materials

Understanding modes of operation for various internal/external production processes

Recognizing the proper conditions for different joinery techniques, including mechanical joints (tabs, slots, locks, etc.), and finished joints (twin stick, glue, stitches, etc.)

Commanding structural aptitude to solve for load-bearing, large scale and/or imbalanced displays

Observing sequence in display assembly and designing for ease of construction

Detail orientation and effective problem solving, time and data management skills

Ability to read Sold Orders and help troubleshoot jobs moving through production

Software proficiency: ArtiosCAD required, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Smartsheet

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