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Textiles Print Design Assistant

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United Kingdom | Onsite or Remote Possible

Jan 12
Job Description

An enthusiastic and innovative Textiles Print Design Assistant is required for our small but exciting company. The role offers a lot of creative freedom and we are looking for someone with a fresh perspective and willingness to push towards unique and innovative creative solutions. As an emerging brand, we value individuals that are able to dive into a variety of projects and embrace the different challenges every day will bring.

- Research print and textile design inspiration and ideas, create mood and development boards.
- Sketching ideas on paper and through CAD.
- Collaborate with the Creative Director to deliver designs that fit the seasons design brief while offering your own innovative design thinking and flair.
- Produce print designs with meticulous attention to detail and make ready for printing/production.
- Apply print artworks to 2D designs through Illustrator and Photoshop
- Explore colour balance and offer creative solutions for colour and fabric
- Work outside the box and be flexible enough to work outside your area of expertise, as is the nature of working for a start-up company. i.e. working in pop up shops to assist with sales in the shop and other creative tasks.

- A relevant bachelor’s degree in a textiles print design subject or equivalent experience
- Excellent and broad knowledge of textile processes and textile design
- Skilled in Illustrator and Photoshop
- Appreciated but not required; experience in a wide range of textile processes outside of print such as embroidery, leatherwork etc.

- Must be (age 16-24) and eligible to work in the UK / meet requirements for the UK Kickstart Scheme
- Please note to qualify for the UK Kickstart Scheme the candidate has to be enrolled on to Universal Credit in England, Scotland or Wales.

As a young brand, beginning a career in the fashion industry is not a distant memory and we understand the challenges and learning curve involved. We will seek to nurture and enhance your skills as you face new challenges through the sharing of our knowledge and regular communication to ensure you are thriving and happy in your new role.

Start date: 1st May 2021

No Wallflower Project

No Wallflower Project is a luxury womenswear and accessories fashion label for sleep and street. Launched in 2019 at London Fashion Week, creative director and founder, Henrietta O’Connor, takes inspiration from her youth spent in her grandmothers workshop watching her craft elaborate tasselled curtains and upholstery for her clients while sharing in her love of interiors and art history. She combines this with her passion for visual storytelling and an eccentric approach to design.

No Wallflower Project is inspired by the opulence of times gone by and contemporary leisurewear, with a stylish yet comfortable sensibility. Or rather, ‘the art of dressing up and down’. The old and the new are intertwined to create eclectic luxury womenswear and accessories that are timeless yet contemporary.

All products are thoughtfully designed in the UK and produced in close collaboration with local manufacturers. No Wallflower Project is devoted to zero waste production, striving for responsible design and ensuring high quality pieces, always. To cherish for years to come.