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The Art of Wood - brand/logo design

The Art of Wood

Seattle, WA

Apr 21
Job Description

I would like to get a website header & logo created for my hobby/side job. I've been making some woodworking items (cutting boards, furniture) for a few years and I'm just now selling a few things. Plan to setup a site using the name "The Art of Wood" and would like brand/logo to incorporate the profile of Mt Rainier, but with wood grain/rings as the "color". Here's an example of a profile of Mt Rainier:
Here's a sample of 'wood rings':

Could also use bark or different types of grains to add depth. (Keep in mind that my graphic design knowledge is minimal and please don't get offended if I'm suggesting ridiculous things...)

2 parts of the project
- Header with a more lineal design
- "Brand" circle logo with "The Art of Wood" in a circle around it (kind of like "Starbucks Coffee" circle logo)

The Art of Wood

Woodworking hobby/side gig. Maybe one day I can make it full time :)