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Job Description

ZoCo is looking for an experienced UI/UX Designer that takes immense pride in their work, but can handle feedback and work under fast-paced timelines without sacrificing quality. Our ideal candidate has professional goals, integrity in both work and personality, and drive to deliver the best product possible. They have the ability to make thorough and thoughtful design decisions that consider both user and client needs. They are willing to help where needed and eager to try new things for the good of the team—even in roles outside of their everyday. A natural leader, this team member works well with others and is able to articulate the impact of their design choices. This role works closely and frequently collaborates with our account team but is also detail-oriented and able to set timelines for their tasks and meet them. They will be a ZoCo ambassador and show team pride both in and out of the studio.

Though ZoCo is a multi-faceted design studio requiring team members to work on a wide variety of projects, a strong digital portfolio with a focus on user experience design will be most important for selection. Ideal candidates will also be able to showcase a strong understanding of user-centered design research methodologies.

Professional Qualifications

4-year degree
3–8+ years of experience required
Proven experience excelling in UI/UX design required
Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills are required
Experience as lead designer is preferred
Strong understanding and previous experience working with Sketch is preferred
Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills

Job Responsibilities

Develops a deep understanding of user needs and pain points through research methodologies
Articulates research findings into themes and opportunities that inform design decisions
Translates research themes into easy to understand design concepts
Validates design concepts through user testing practices
Defines digital architecture through site maps, information architecture, content requirements, and navigation
Develops user stories, wireframes, and prototypes based on user needs
Creates thoughtful and attractive designs ready for implementation
Deliver clean, visually consistent designs with an understanding of standard user interface concepts and processes
Regularly presents and shares design decisions and conceptual direction with internal teams and the client
Collaborates with your design peers and provide thoughtful feedback and discussion
Works closely with development partners to align on feasibility and development limitations

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ZoCo Design

ZoCo is a leading experience design and brand strategy agency that believes in the power of holistic, experiential, and strategic design to solve businesses’ greatest challenges. We help our clients better understand the people they serve and the problems they face, all to uncover opportunities, inform design decisions, and transform experiences without relying on assumptions, guesswork, or the whim of agency tastemakers.

Whether you are seeking a partner to envision the future, drive the development of your digital experience from ideation to launch, or understand, reach, and engage customers through evolved brand strategy, our studio consistently delivers impact through powerful creative.

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