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UX Designer II

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Ames, IA

Apr 1
Job Description

The UX Designer II provides design enhancements for Vermeer customers to help better meet aesthetic, functional and market needs as defined by the product development team. This role produces product information, research insights, design concepts, technical schematics and any necessary supporting documentation. The position contributes to the data collection, application and configuration of new and existing machines and collaborates with engineering technicians on prototype products.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

1. Exhibit the Vermeer characteristics of caring culture, demonstrating agility, customer focused and stewardship while modeling the associated behaviors.

2. Produce sketches or detailed drawings to enhance the design process.

3. Assist Project and Design Engineers with design changes or existing production machines and provide documentation required to implement changes.

4. Promote the use of consistent design guidelines.

5. Perform layout and design of new products using computer-aided design software.

6. Provide technical publications, marketing and sales with information required for product release.

7. Assist with research to better understand market conditions, functional and aesthetic requirements for Vermeer products.

8. Assist with Voice of Customer or other market driven data collection and implementation.

9. Assist with assessment and implementation of Human Factors specifications.

Education and/or Experience:

- 4-year college degree in Industrial Design or related field with a minimum of 2 years of experience; and/or equivalent combination of education and experience required.

Other Skills and Abilities:

- Ability to effectively manage assigned tasks and projects to meet production and market demands.

- Demonstration of good verbal and written communication skills.

- Ability to use solid modeling/design software effectively.

- Working knowledge of materials and production processes

- Control of relevant form development mechanisms including proportion systems, finish properties, color theory and composition.

- Ability to provide informative and professional assistance when working with the public/customers and coworkers.

- Ability to develop products that demonstrates performance durability with successful ROIs.

- Ability to provide detail-orientated instruction, solutions, and assistance to product development teams.

- Experience with design research methods.


Up to 15% domestic and/or international travel by car or plane may be required.


Why Vermeer?

Our reach is global, our impact is personal. By joining Vermeer, you won’t just be making the right step for your career. You’ll be making a real, personal impact on our people, our customers and our world.

Impact Our People: You’ll find teams of hardworking people who take pride in their work, pride in each other and pride in the principles that guide them. Our team members are diverse, talented and driven to continuously learn, improve and innovate, both for our company and for their careers.

Impact Our Customers: Whether our customers are operating small stump cutters in their backyard or giant surface mining equipment in Australia, they make progress happen. Our team members are constantly turning up new possibilities and collaboratively innovating to keep our customers and the people they serve on the leading-edge of progress around the world.

Impact Our World: At Vermeer, we believe in giving back and helping people and communities. We’ve held that belief from our founding in 1948. Our reach extends from offering impressive benefits that help our team members and their families live well, to supporting our local communities through volunteer and community investment programs. Our impact is also experienced by the way our customers use Vermeer products to make a difference. Vermeer equipment is used all around the world to keep people connected to life necessities, such as water and electricity, harvest the feed that nourishes a vibrant food supply and effectively manage precious natural resources that improve our quality of life.