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Adventure Games (Self Promotion) - The Tumpal's Games
made based on west sumatera folklore, the adventure games story about the king's si pahit lidah & si mata empat, who's the king had good attitude (value of integrity, loyalty, fairness) will be destroyed the crime with bad attitude.
Season's Greeting - Client : PT. Asuransi Dayin Mitra, Tbk.
Company Profile - Client : Berau Coal
wall calendar for Berau Coal
Leaflet SBC
Wall and Desk calendar - client : CNOOC Ltd
material "Original Batiks"
Eid Card - Client : Cnnoc SES Ltd
My Portfolio - below the line project
Desk Calendar - Client
• Berau Coal
• Trihamas Finance
Pack and label massage oil - brand "Walafiat" massage oil
look " pop-retro "
Annual Report - Client :
• Bank Muamalat
• Tugu Reinsurance
• Tugu Pratama Indonesia
Graduate book - Client: Magister Management University of Indonesia
Book - Client : Magister Management University of Indonesia
wall calendar
News Letter
Invitation Card - Client : Bank BRI
• client want to use corporate colour, simple but there is something surprising with banking image
Packaging Pacetea - client : Jamu Puspo Internusa
Logo Event and Merchandise
Desk Calendar - client : bank Niaga Preferred Circle
Print-Ad - Client : Panasonic for MTV music Award
(associate partner with Hakuhodo Adv)
Print-Ad - client : Bank BRI for Independence Day RI
Product Catalog - Client : Procut
Greeting Card - Client : Tugu Re Insurance
Sustainability Report 2005 - Client : PT. Bukit Asam, Tbk.
wall calendar 2007 - client : Berau coal
theme up for this year, i make the concept about child in berau, this also best achievement corporate in community development, because this is one of important thing, serious thing to handle, they have right to have a better future. raise local culture with focus to object photo in mix colour-black n white and choose correctly tagline "growing into a better future"
Wall calendar I Berau - Client : Berau Coal
technique woodcut illustration with bright natural colouring. the illustration tell about berau people in daily activity.
Annual Report 1999
Annual Report 1999
Company Profile - Client : PTBA
Calendar - client : cnooc. ses. Ltd
wall Calendar - Detail of wall callendar "Batik" Indonesia
Logo on Booth
Company Profile
Annual Report - Client : Bata Shoes
Print-Ad for Harper's Bazzaar Magazine Indonesia - Co-Branding BRI Platinum Card and socialite Boutique
Wall Calendar - Client : Quartasonni Puteri Corp.
The Painting collection by the owner of Quartasonni Puteri Corp.
Print-Ad - print ad for scholarship program
client : BRI Bank
Wall Calendar - Client : PT. Bukit Asam (persero)
"A Milestone to reach a golden age"
Desk Calendar
Print Collateral
Dede Yasjkur
Visual Merchandising at Matahari Dept. Store Jakarta, Indonesia