The concept is about the design of a biking path that links the metro station Bisceglie with the EXPO 2015 site located the west part of Milan for locals and tourists. The theme of the biking path will be the same of the EXPO 2015, which is sustainable agriculture so the biking path is called “agricultural biking path” and will be joined to a network of community gardens all the way.

Therefore, the people that use the agricultural path can visit at the same time the network of community gardens and enjoy of the other services that are part of it such as a community center, sport field and playground. In order to make the agricultural path appealing for people to visit it, some elements of the context where designed more in detail, such as: the orchards working stations, furniture and signals also in the design there was a particular attention put use of natural elements in order to provide to the visitor with a wild natural experience.

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Diana Guzmán Valencia
Multidisciplinary designer Toronto, Canada