How To: BREAK FREE Of Bad Habits...God's Way! - It was a pleasure working with author, Shay R. Antwine on the cover of her new ebook, "How To Break Free of Bad Habits...God'sWay". All in all she was very satisfied with the final design. I learned a great deal on listening to the client to get the design she wanted.That's the fun part of design working to make the client happy!
How To Break Free of Bad Habits:God's Way! - E book cover for author Shay Antwine.
Pushing To The Front Book Cover - Concept design for a book cover on cutting edge business ideas.
First Person Book Cover - Book cover design, recent djs projects. Concept design for sci fi novel,where playing an online game turns in to a deadly cat and mouse game!
Sudden Deception Book Cover - Design for recent novel about a U.S. Marshall and a heroine tracking down a killer in Saudi Arabia.
The Evil Within - Concept for book cover of horror stories based on incidents on the internet.Used one of my illustrations for the cover.
Old School Marketing Secrets! - Small business book publisher initiated project and used this cover for one of their recent publications.
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Temperance Unraveled Book Cover - Cover design for novel about a ne'er do well politician in a dry town.It;s the strange looking liquid that made him unravel.
The Rembrandt Bomb/E Book Cover - Design for book cover of mystery action thriller,involving secrets related to Rembrandt's art
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Various designs for recent book covers.

Dennis Staples
Dennis Staples DJS Art & Design Cincinnati, OH