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The brief was to design a more sustainable sandwich pack, specifically to go with the boots meal deal offer. A recycled paper pulp pack with a large PLA window was the result and it reduced the production eco-indicator by 40% compared to current packs.....all renders in Hypershot....more work on the next page....
As well as designing a new pack I had the idea to produce a widget which enabled a drink and any snack to attach to the sandwich. This could be carried in one hand and eliminates the need for a bad.......96% of the people I asked would be keen to use such a product and pay for it, similar to a bag for life scenario....it is made from durable PP which gives it a suitable length of life and also utilises live hinges to make it more pocket-friendly.....all renders in Hypershot.....
Boots Sustainable Packaging

Boots Lunchtime Brief 2009

Daniel Selwood
Surfacing Engineer (ICEM Surf) at Jaguar Land Rover (Design Technical) Loughborough / Ramsgate, United Kingdom