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Design Week - Living Hinge - Flat pack air tight container - The aim for this project which lasted one week was to develop a new product for the outdoor living market utilising living hinges....my idea from research was to design an air and water tight container which could be stored flat pack in a backpack.....not a hugely exciting product but something which is not on the market....this page was evidence for the user group and task and also detailing some design decisions and innovation from current products...
Design Week - Living Hinge - Flat pack air-tight container - This page gave insight into the design of the product and its benefits....a storyboard gave information as to how the product would be used and stored....
Design Week - Living Hinges
Daniel Selwood
Surfacing Engineer (ICEM Surf) at Jaguar Land Rover (Design Technical) Loughborough / Ramsgate, United Kingdom