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A Design student at Bournemouth University enthusiastic about the development of future technologies and materials, with considerable experience in graphic design, product design, and business management. Looking to network a combination of post graduate study with previous management and marketing skills. Currently studying Product Design at Bournemouth University To me, the limits of design are boundless. There isn’t a product that can’t be made, adjusted or fixed if only the designer had the imagination, determination and ambition to do so. From an early age I have dreamt about becoming a product designer, the ability to put the thoughts and ideas from inside my head onto paper, and transform them into something tangible. It’s the capability of converting imagination into reality that captivates me, in a way that no other subject has managed to even though they have been considerately enlightening.


Managing Director of the year 'enterprise and skills 2013' Company of the year 'enterprise and skills 2013' Marketing award 'enterprise and skills 2013' Product Designer of the year '2011' John Thornton Young Achievers award '2013' Wimborne Rotary Club 'Best Team award' 2013


Member of the IED

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