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Detail oak gall,branch rendering
Oak gall
Graphite rendering
Liquid Amber Seed Pods
Graphite rendering
This drawing is part of a series I call "Sidewalk Trees". Inspired by huge trees that were planted in sidewalk squares when they were small. Now that their roots are trying to burst out of the space that is surrounded by cement. This was near my studio when I was in Redondo Beach.
Close up as I work on roots of drawing.
Second in a series of drawings "Sidewalk Trees" Inspired by the huge fig trees growing near my studio. They were constrained by the sidewalk squares or rectangles they were planted in.
One in a series of drawings..."Sidewalk Trees". The huge fig trees that grew near my studio in Redondo Beach were constrained by the sidewalk square or rectangle they were planted in.
Protea ; Graphite rendering
Graphite rendering
Graphite rendering
Tulips; graphite rendering
Peony;Graphite rendering
Study of a hummingbird.
Sketch for a bee natural history illustration to be done in watercolor, dry brush.
Bee illustration started, with sketch in background. I work out details in my sketch. Then I know where I want darks and lights.

Progress on the bee.
Natural history illustration of a bee on a succulent blossom complete!
Block with artists proof of California Prickly Poppy ( Argemone munita)
Prickly Poppies are native to California, often growing on the side of the road. I am starting a new series of work which will consist of California native flowers. The series will include block prints, drawings and small dry brush watercolors.
Artists Proof of Northern Flicker block
Northern Flicker Woodpeckers are found across the United States. This is a western Northern Flicker, which has red-orange under their wings. This is an artist's proof and will be part of a series of California native birds I am planning to do.
Watercolor from sunflower series
Silver point rendering
Bee and sunflower
Graphite rendering
Botanical and Natural History Illustrations

This is a sampling of my hand rendered botanical and natural history illustration. Each piece is an original piece of artwork, meticulously rendered in graphite, watercolor, linoleum block print and silver point.

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Donnett Vanek
Botanical Artist, Freelance Designer Frazier Park, CA