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A sample of hand printed flour sack tea towels from Dishragstudio's Garden Collection. Now available at Dishragstudio's Etsy store. All tea towels are hand printed with 100% solvent free inks.
A sample of flour sack tea towels from Dishragstudio's Bugs in The Garden collection. Now available at Dishragstudio's Etsy store.
A small sample of the hand printed tote bags available at Dishragstudio's Etsy store.
Block print process: Draw image, transfer to block, carve block.
Cicada block done.
Inked Cicada block ready to print.
Cicada place setting.
Cicada table runner and dinner napkins
Bring the garden into your kitchen with Dishragstudio's hand block printed flour sack tea towels.
Detail of the hand carved linoleum blocks used in Dishragstudio's new Passion Flower Vine design.
Camellia Tea Towel
Daisy and Bee tea towel
Angel's Trumpet table runner and dinner napkins.
Angel's Trumpet place setting
In the Garden tablecloth
In the Garden tablecloth
Printing the butterflies design.
Angel's Trumpet tea towel and blocks
Dishragstudio participates in many Artisan shows and fairs in the Los Angeles and Ventura area.
Display in Dishragstudio's show booth.
Starting a new group of designs which will feature things related to the ocean such as this sea anemone design that I am starting to work on.
Thistle Block
Hedge of Birds inked block
Bee block proof print
New to Dishragstudio, hand printed cards. Available as single cards or sets of four.
All designs are from my original artwork which I hand carve into linoleum blocks, then hand print each card.
Dishragstudio's collection of hand block printed cards.
Collection of Dishragstudio's hand printed cards.
Inspiration; sketch and work out design; transfer design to block and carve;
then print!
Dishragstudio now has hand printed flour sack tea towels, tote bags, as well as hand printed cards.
Pink katydids! They do exist, ask your friendly entomologist! These fun katydids are new to Dishragstudio's Bugs in The Garden Collection.
Angel's Trumpet on the printing table.
Camellia block
Hedge of Birds
Start with an idea. Sketch. Work out details.
Begin carving the design into the block. This is from my up coming group of Halloween blocks. Edgar's Raven.
Transfer the sketch/design to a linoleum block.
Edgar's Raven - Print complete. Part of my Halloween collection.
I use only 100% solvent free ink, printed on eco friendly flour sack tea towels.
All artwork is from my own work, which I then carve into the linoleum blocks and use for printing.
Inked block of a Luna Moth.
Halloween Collection.

Look for all of my tea towels, based on my botanical artwork at www.dishragstudio.etsy.com
Carving the block for the Tarantula Tea Towel.
Dishragstudio will be a vendor at the 2014 Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles. Here are a few new designs featuring bugs!
Stag Beetle tea towel on the printing table.
Stag Beetle Block carving complete.
Tools of the trade! Hand carved linoleum block. Little sponges I use to ink my block. Q-tips I use to clean excess ink off of the edges of the block. Palette knife, to get ink out of the jar. Last, but not least, a rolling pin covered with fabric. It's my press!
printing process
All over ant design, flour sack tea towel.
A pile of bug blocks! Many, many bug designs for the 28th Annual Bug Fair, at the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles! All are original designs of Dishragstudio that are hand carved into linoleum blocks, then hand printed onto flour sack tea towels, cards and tote bags.
Explaining the hand block printing process to a group of people who have stopped at Dishragstudio's table at the 28th Annual Bug Fair, at the Natural History Museum,Los Angeles.
Dishragstudio's Halloween Collection. Find it at Dishragstudio's Etsy store.
Thistle block, bee block and ink.
Blocks are inked and printing has started. Using a rolling pin is similar to working with a pin press. It distributes the pressure evenly.

In 2013 I opened Dishragstudio. It was time to find a new "niche" for myself. I've put a lot of thought into what I should be doing. I decided it was time to go back to what I love doing the most which is hand rendered and hand crafted pieces. So, I thought why not combine my skills and experience as a textile designer and botanical artist into hand printed tea towels and other items? That was how I came up with the name Dishragstudio, a nod to my past work as a kitchen towel designer in the commercial world.
I love the actual hand carving of my designs into the linoleum block. The result after I've inked the block and printed it onto the fabric is something I love each time I do it. Once you place the inked block onto the fabric,or paper, there is no going back, it's done, you can't erase it, or "delete" it! Every print is slightly different, even if the same block is used.
I use eco friendly flour sack tea towels, printed with 100% solvent free inks. More products to come!

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Donnett Vanek
Botanical Artist, Freelance Designer Frazier Park, CA