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Stand Up For Yourself - Its an interpretation poster representing meanings;
Honey Badger - Fearless Animal In The World
Cheetah - Great Speed
Great White Whale - Ulitmate Weight
Fire Could Happen To You - Used home furniture and objects around making it to look as a reality, me sleeping in a matchbox that can light up easily while I cannot hear anything.
Do Not Play With Fire - Layouts - Experimental Layouts
Do not play with Fire... - Advertising poster for children, showing fire can be dangerous, using Lords of the Ring Trees would be suitable, fun and persuadive.
Music Experimental - Listen Safe and Sound
Feel the Right Vibrations
Beastiary - Exploring Vilnuis
Like a gateaway to Heaven via on the motorway
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Posters / Advertising
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David Page
Personal Graphic / Advertising Designer Newcastle, United Kingdom