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An intoxicated old man rests his body in a small piazza in Rome, Italy.
An elderly lady looks up and down her street in Rome, Italy for something to happen.
A woman in Rome, Italy checks the weather to see if she needs an umbrella or not.
Dickies Girl, operating a food cart at Musik Fest in Bethlehem, PA, USA. Great smile, awesome corn dogs!
This fisherman is prepared to cast his rod out in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of New Jersey, USA, on a cold November fishing trip.
DJ Aya is in her element, in a lounge club in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Dutch folk singer Jan Doddema poses during a photo shoot for a cd cover.
Deep thought.
A man wandering the streets of Groningen, the Netherlands, rests against a wall at night.
A man wandering the streets of Groningen, the Netherlands, asking by-passers for some small change for some food and a warm bed at the Salvation Army.
This homeless person occupies one of the busiest places of Groningen, the Netherlands, at night, while many drunk college students pass by and read his sign. "Can you spare some change? Thank you in advance!"

Various photos of people, from street photography to specific situations.

Dick Tjepkema
Photographer Groningen, Netherlands