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Trade Show Banner - Banner to showcase the company
Backlit Display - Backlit display for Barnstorming company.
Capt. Ricks Perch Fishing brochure - 3 panel brochure
Corporate Holiday Cards - Holiday cards for 2 different years.
Logos - Logo creation for San Diego Industrial Recreation Council, Blue Horizon and QuoteGrind.com.
Map/Brochure for Power Pass Series - 2 different 8 panel brochures, 1 for Las Vegas, the other for Honolulu. Maps also created for these projects.
AdMo Tours Rack Card - 4" x 9" rack card
El Fandango Rack Card - 4" x 9" rack card
Enchanted Springs Ranch Rack Card - 4" x 9" rack card
Certified Folder Work
Dustin Froehlich
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA