17" Limited Edition Haunted Mansion Sally Slater doll
Our packaging designer killed it on the stretching box!!
I didn't want to change her design too much, just added some details (alligator skirt embroidery and a hidden HM in the embroidery on her capelet) and did my best to recreate her iconic outfit
17" Limited Edition Haunted Mansion Bride doll
I had a lot of fun researching all the different versions of the Bride, and pulling in little details from each for this doll. I love how her translucent hands and beating heart brooch turned out!
17" Limited Edition Mary Blair inspired Alice doll
She was originally just based on the movie, then was changed to have Blair's artwork
17" Limited Edition Giselle Wedding doll
Surprisingly we usually don't have behind the scenes reference for older properties, so I get really into researching and recreating outfits
17" D23 Exclusive Limited Edition Merida doll
17" Limited Edition Mulan epilogue outfit doll
One thing I really love about working on these dolls is the opportunity to design more than just a classic poofy ballgown
17" Limited Edition Pocahontas doll
Adding a cape was a bit controversial with the fans, but personally there's no accessory I love more than a big ol cape
17" Limited Edition Kida doll
I always like creating warrior looks for the ladies, and incorporated a tribute to her father in her shoulder armor
17" Limited Edition Esmerelda doll
Original design for a higher price point 17" LE Esmerelda doll, that would have been D23 exclusive
17" Limited Edition Megara doll
Misc 17" LE Dolls

One or two-off characters' Limited Edition dolls I've designed and developed.

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