1.. When love lost itself
2. On leaving
3. One Comes down
4. Meetings with lovers P1
Meetings with lovers P2
Meetings with lovers P3
Meetings with lovers P4
5. Nightly travels through Delhi
6. Being in Control
7. On being pretentious P1.
On being pretentious P2
On being pretentious P3
Short Stories/comics - expressing opinions and thoughts about life and society

some (connected/unconnected/non sequential) frames from a series on varied stories of the now love that i was trying to observe, live, and poeticize.
these are glimpses into it, rough drawings which have later been re-done. These short narratives began emerging during the course of my 'City as Studio' Fellowship with Sarai CSDS 2011-2012.

Dyuti Mittal
illustration, comic books delhi, India