A mechanical engineer having four years of experience in industrial design, planning product development, training and design graphic, with professional certifications in SoliWorks design software . Also having strong management skills with the ability to work under pressure and target oriented. Having very good computer skills, and other in graphic design.


- 1st place : World's Largest Virtual Rube Goldberg http://grabcad.com/challenges/world-s-largest-virtual-rube-goldberg/results - 3rd place : GrabCAD needs a mascot http://grabcad.com/challenges/grabcad-needs-a-mascot/results - 2nd Place : Help design new concept for Damixa Arc series http://grabcad.com/challenges/help-design-new-concept-for-damixa-arc-series/results - 2nd Place : Light Electric Vehicle External Design Concept http://grabcad.com/challenges/help-design-new-concept-for-damixa-arc-series/results - 3rd Place : Santa’s sleigh Contest http://learnsolidworks.com/solidworks_tips/and-the-winner-is - 1st Place : SolidWorks Tips and Tricks Tutorials http://grabcad.com/challenges/solidworks-tips-and-tricks-tutorials - 1st place : Grabcad Tutorials http://grabcad.com/challenges/add-tutorial-to-model-challenge

Experience & Education