Vector skull illustration
Snake, Heart & Dagger - Vector illustration.

You can view a time-lapse video of the vector illustration process at
Business up front, Party in the back. - Hillbilly cyclops sporting a glorious mullet.
Skateboards - Illustrations placed on skateboards.
Scientist - cartoons
Pure evil - Vector illustration
ROCK ON!!! - 80's hair metal rules...
Blue Thing - Vector illustration
Kid - cartoons
Frankenstein - Halloween cartoon illustration
ICU Desktop - Computer desktop background. Available for download in four colors and various sizes on my site
Viking - cartoons
Kaboom! - Skateboard graphics.
Characters - cartoons
Destroy the City
Midnight Run - Illustration for short film competition in which contestants had 24 hours to complete a movie.
El Macho
Gold! - cartoons
Happy Holidays - Holliday self promotional illustration.
animal characters - cartoons
Game elements -
Illustrations created for a proposed online game.
City illustration - Created all elements for a proposed online game where players build their own city.
Stress - cartoons