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Opulence Intelligent Bath Front View - For my dissertation I was assigned the Intelligent home theme.

My Brief was: "An intelligent bathing system to provide the user with a more luxurious bathing experience."

The Opulence bath brings a new dimension to intelligent home allowing the user to text a profile to the bath which will set-up automatically and be ready for you when you get home.
Users can create a profile and choose from a range of functions controlled by the interactive touchscreen computer.
Opulence Intelligent Bath
Opulence Remote
Opulence Interactive Display - Screen shot of the Interactive display for the Opulence bath. For my Exhibition I produced a working Prototype to set a user profile.
Design Exhibition - As part of my assesment we had to display our project in an end of year exhibition and present our work to examiners.
Rapid Prototype - Using Alias I was able to construct a 3D cad drawing of the Opulence bath. I could then send the cad file to the cnc machine to make a prototype. I also made a prototype of the remote.

As part of my exhibition I used infrared technology to build electronics to allow me to make the bath empty when pressing a button on the remote. This acted as a hands on feature of my exhibition.
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Brochure 2
Brochure 3
Brochure 4
Technical Poster
Opulence User
Designer Poster
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3rd Year Design Project
Daniel Edmiston
Product Design Graduate Manchester, United Kingdom