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Colgate 360° Surround - A super premium manual toothbrush. The 1st 4-component brush in the market.
Colgate Smiles 2 - 5 - Designed to be the perfect first toddler brush in fun designs featuring kids favorite cartoon characters! The multi-height soft bristles ensure that all first teeth can be reached and cleaned, and the small, soft oval head is gentle on children’s young gums.
Colgate Smiles 0 - 2 - Tiny toothbrushes for tiny mouths with super-soft bristles, tapered, cushioned brush head and rubberised grip to fit comfortably into baby’s hand and mouth. A color indicator dot on the bristles even helps you ensure the right amount of toothpaste is used at every brushing.
Colgate Kids Motion Battery Brush - Specially designed for kids with developing teeth and hand coordination. Incorporates an easy to use on/off button and a wrap-around decal for maximum graphic display of licensed character.
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Colgate - Palmolive
Eduardo Jiménez
Sr. Design Associate Piscataway, NJ