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The OR Hairstudio - Branded merchandise and paraphernalia including:
Business/Appointment Card
Staff Uniform
Salon Towel
Apparel T-shirt
Apparel Thong
Apparel MASH-style Jacket (vintage)
The OR Hairstudio - Brand identity and apparel including:
Business/Appointment Card (detail)
POS Button
Apparel T-shirt
Apparel MASH-style Jacket (back view)
OR logo (sketch)
OR logo (final)
OR label concepts
Prospero Logo
Prospero T-shirt mock up
613 Hustla Concepts
613 Hustla Final
Track Of All Jades - Logo concept for company name, "Track Of All Jades". Symbolizes many interests and directions contained within the whole of one's life. Inspired by astrological charts and symbols.

Collection of Branding and Corporate Identity projects

James Hagarty
Creative World Builder Toronto, ON