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MIT 4.115 Architecture Design Studio II: Project II - from Mood Walls to Functional Space

Translate your abstract mood walls into functional spaces. These spaces will
accommodate our fictional characters for an emergency
overnight stay encompassing relaxation and/or rehabilitation. Each unit will be
dedicated to a different treatment (list supplied below); however, each unit will also
require all the irreducible elements of a dwelling for an over-night stay—space for
washing, space for sleeping, space for consuming, etc. As opposed to considerations for a
variety of purposes (the typical hospitality approach), these units will serve dedication to
mood and action. For instance, does a wet room also need a shower?
Emphasis will be placed on the sectional characteristics of these spaces. The purpose of
this exercise is to incorporate function and irreducible components of architecture into
the already developed mood models. This action will allow unit typologies for an
architecture to emerge.

Ekin Erar
Junior Architect Istanbul, Turkey