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Honey Spoon

Honey Spoon

We hardly consume honey. Therefore, we have designed “Balgo” to adapt such a nutrient which is so beneficial to the city people’s life and to develop an initiative conscious. While designing Balgo, instead of considering honey as a variety of food for breakfast, we set out with the idea of making a product which would present its all benefits in a more dinamic, mobile and quickly-consumable form by bringing in the habit of using honey in drinks and took it out from the jar.

Honey was taken out from its package and the spoon was redesigned in this perspective.It has been aimed to establish an emotional relationship between the product and the user on the subject of design. It has been also intended to make the user like to use the spoon at home for other uses. Emotional relationship is important both fort he product and brand awareness.

Emir Rifat ISIK
Multidisciplinary Designer at emirrifatisik.com istanbul, Turkey