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Front 3/4 rendering with an emphasis on a strong brand identity in the front fascia.
Master "tape" drawing done in Illustrator. The design intent was to capture the spirit of Cadillac and what Cadillac is best known for....large, elegant vehicles with a commanding road presence.
Rear 3/4 rendering. Nestled between the blade like rear flanks resides the softly beveled trunk compartment. The sweeping belt line strongly arcs along the flanks adding surface tension and moving the eye towards the rear fender.
Another rendering exploring a subtly different front ensemble design.
Allison did a fantastic job capturing my design in this 1/3 scale model! She is pictured here receiving her certificate from GM.
This shot reveals the model was a "half model" with a mirror along the center line.
I love this view, really shows of the arc of the belt line and the surface transition below it!
Detail shot.
Notice the subtle surface which starts just above the front wheel lip and sweeps back to meet the undercut below the belt line.
Classic "W" profile in the front planar view.
Per GM's directive, and much like the real world of automotive design, I could only put tape lines or "draw" lines with a knife, in addition to sketches and renderings. This helped Allison learn how to both interpret a design and infer from a designer's verbal input.
Putting tape lines on the model to establish key lines.
Tape lines to establish key surfaces and guide the design process.
Front end detail development.
Cadillac Concept Design Exercise via a General Motors sponsored project at MIAD.

On this page, is illustrated a Cadillac design, General Motors asked me to create for one of their interns who also happened to be my TA and former student, Allison. The purpose of this exercise was for Allison to further hone her clay modeling skills by capturing a design by someone other than herself in a 1/3 scale clay model. My role was to provide her direction via tape lines, renderings and verbal communication. A big congratulations to Allison for working so hard in capturing the dramatic gesture of my design in clay!

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Joseph Ellice
Senior Industrial Designer Milwaukee, WI