Gordon Rush Inc.

San Diego, CA

Since designing his first collection in 1998, Gordon Rush has established a men’s luxury brand that is masculine and bold, sophisticated and worldly yet quintessentially American.

The 37-year-old designer finds inspiration in refined environments, shapes and cultures–the sleek contours of modern industrial design, the clean lines of timeless architecture, and the contrasting bold and subtle sensibilities of Asian art. He reflects those concepts in his own designs, layering in a unique vision and impeccable taste that’s been molded by a lifelong love of art and technology. His extensive work and travel experiences in Asia and Europe also inform his designs.

Influenced by the way men live their lives today, Gordon Rush has a distinctly of-the-moment sensibility while bringing a timeless quality to an ephemeral fashion world. With precise planning and attention to detail, he continually produces collections that evolve and illustrate his lifetime commitment to quality, innovation and style.

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