Intermec Technologies

Everett, WA

Intermec, Inc. (NYSE: IN) is a leading manufacturer of data collection and mobile computing products

including mobile computers, automated identification and data collection (AIDC) products, radio

frequency identification (RFID) systems, wireless barcode scanners, wired and wireless barcode printers

and label media products. The Company’s products and services allow customers to identify, track, and

manage their assets and other resources. These are sold into industry verticals that include manufacturing,

consumer products/retail, transportation/logistics, healthcare and government. Applications range from

traditional automation of supply chains and distribution activities to asset tracking and the enablement of

mobile workers in such diverse arenas as postal delivery agents, cable systems installers and retail


The Company’s rugged mobile computing products allow a customer’s in-field workers to automatically

and wirelessly collect and send data to remote systems using cellular networks, local Wi-Fi networks, and

Bluetooth. The mobile computing products portfolio includes handheld and vehicle-mounted mobile

computers, accessories, and services that facilitate local-area and wide-area voice and data

communications. In the area of bar code scanning, Intermec provides fixed, mobile, and vehicle-mounted

laser scanners and linear and area imagers, which can collect and decode bar codes and transmit the

resulting data into ERP systems, warehouse management systems, and order fulfillment, transportation,

logistics systems and other business intelligence applications.

In addition, the Company has amassed deep expertise and a substantial portfolio of intellectual property

and patents. Indeed, many of the manufacturers of RFID equipment are licensees of Intermec, providing

the potential for a substantial royalty stream as this market continues to grow.

Competitors include a broad range of companies including Motorola (the former Symbol Technologies),

Zebra Technologies, NCR, Honeywell (the former Metrologic), Avery Dennison, Fujitsu, and Brady

Corporation. Channels to market are complex, including a broad range of resellers and systems

integrators, many serving specific vertical markets, as well as a substantial direct sales force and services


Intermec’s fiscal year 2008 revenues were $890.9 million, an increase of 4.9% over 2007. FY2008 net

income was $35.7 million. Approximately 83% of revenues are generated through product sales, the

remaining 17% through services. Geographic distribution of revenue is 55% North America, 33% EMEA,

and 12% Asia Pacific and rest of world. The Company has no debt and more than $200 million in cash

and equivalents.

The 2,000-person company is headquartered in Everett, Washington (approximately 30 minutes north of

Seattle), with development and manufacturing facilities in Everett, Cedar Rapids, Cincinnati, the

Netherlands, France, and Singapore. The Company has more than 65 offices across the Americas, EMEA,

and Asia Pacific. More information on the Company can be found at

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