Lee's Summit, MO

R&D/Leverage is a design and development company that offers a full suite of capabilities for domestic and international clients in the Food and Beverage, Home and Personal Care, and Healthcare industries.

By integrating an array of both creative and technical offerings, R&D/Leverage is able to create, develop, and drive commercialization of consumer-preferred solutions which grow your business. Our company, comprised of professions in design research, industrial design, engineering, mold procurement, and manufacturing implementation, is committed to bringing your branding initiative to life ---- and to shelf!

Our Structural Brand Development team helps clients construct and launch product innovations. We achieve this endeavor by bridging the gap between consumer driven ideals, insights, design, and the appropriate integrated manufacturing strategies. Our team takes a holistic approach to design ---- from idea through implementation ---- to ensure each project is successful for your consumer, your customer, and your company.

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