Verona, WI

We make some of the most advanced software in the world and work with the most respected healthcare organizations in the world to help improve the quality of care for patients throughout the world. What we do here makes a difference at every step of the patient care process, from the time the initial appointment is scheduled until well after the patient has returned home.

We're a focused and driven company. Founded 30 years ago in the basement of an apartment building, we've grown to a company of over 3,300 intelligent, motivated, and principled people, working from our 500-acre campus outside Madison to make an impact on one of the largest and fastest-growing industries out there.

We hire bright people with a sense of urgency and a track record of getting things done. Our management structure's relatively flat, which means you get to make an impact on our company and our customers within months—or days—of beginning your career here.

As you consider the next (or first) step in your career, ask yourself if you want to work for a company focused on returns to shareholders and developing a non-essential product, or if you want to do something that makes a difference in the world.

Do you want to get a job, or do you want to do something Epic?

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