Tap 'n Tap

Cambridge, MA

Tap ‘n Tap is a high tech design firm based in Cambridge, MA that is bringing the best of the web to the comfort of your home. Our software platform and design expertise enable Home Internet Devices, handheld touchscreen devices to conveniently enjoy Web applications at home.

Design is a core competency for Tap ‘n Tap and we are building a world class Design team. We are looking for talented, ambitious designers with skills ranging from Graphic Design and Prototyping of touchscreen User Interfaces, to User Experience and Interaction Design. The right candidates will be rewarded with the opportunity to design and bring to market an innovative, exciting new product category, working closely together with a dedicated team of top notch designers and technologists.

Candidates must have experience with and a passion for innovative consumer experiences with mobile electronic devices and web applications. As part of an energetic and entrepreneurial Design-focused organization, the candidate will be counted on to significantly contribute to enhancing the functionality, usability and aesthetics of our products and applications.

If this sounds like a good fit, please send us an email describing your relevant experience and attach your resume and portfolio, to: jobs@tapntap.com.

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