San Francisco, CA

Eventbrite is a fast-growing, online event ticketing, management and promotion service that is breaking revenue records each month. Located in a vibrant, brick & timber, SOMA office teeming with start-up energy and creativity, Eventbrite is a small, talented group offering a fantastic opportunity for success and personal growth to its employees. With a proven success record among the core management team and backed by top angel investors, Eventbrite is poised to dominate its market.

We love coming to work at Eventbrite because of our product and our team.

We all work hard to continually improve the event organizer and ticket buyer experience. Our workplace is vibrant - ideas are exchanged nonstop, everyone has access to the higher-ups, and there is a definite passion for what we do here. The product is why we're here, and if we didn't believe in it, we wouldn't be here every day.

Our team is in turn dynamic, brilliant, hilarious, unique, and dedicated. We are a social, easy-going, funny group with personality and ideas to spare. Whether it's saran-wrapping someone's desk or having scooter time trials, we embrace the idea of fun and camaraderie in an office.

Catered meals
Top-notch medical, dental, vision benefits
Monthly fitness and wellness stipend
Monthly transportation stipend

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