Simply Interactive Inc.

Boston, MA

By helping people enjoy and explore their new acquisitions Simply Interactive allows companies to provide user-friendly support for, and open communications with, their customers. We significantly lower the costs of consumer care programs, and introduce premium care into situations where high costs used to prohibit it. Our approach not only provides the usual benefits of good consumer care, but it also increases positive interactions with consumers - providing improved loyalty and satisfaction levels.

We start by generating our own content, and then delivering it in myriad ways. Our philosophy is most evident in our interactive guides - self-learning applications which allow users to determine the pace and subject. We deliver these as web-based solutions and as mobile apps. Both are browser and platform agnostic.

Our vision is to supply people with ever-improving and user-friendly tools that will help them enjoy and manage the complexities contained in things as varied as their electronics, vehicles, boats and new media. We work with OEMs, retailers, carriers, insurers, and directly with consumers. We plan to stay at the forefront by continuing our rapid development of new technologies, by creating a powerful delivery system for communicating with people, and by maintaining the significant cost advantage our production technology provides.

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