Mountain View, CA

Why Mozilla?

Mozilla is a thriving community of intelligent, principled and passionate individuals who build software to preserve choice, openness, and innovation on the Internet. We work in the open on hard problems to ensure that the future of the Web is not dominated by large corporate interests, but driven by the idea that individual users should always be in control or their online lives. Join us!

We Are Global
500+ paid staff from over 30 countries and 25 US states
Thousands of active contributors across six continents
Nine principal offices: Mt. View, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Auckland, Paris, London, Beijing, Taipei
Hundreds of home offices around the world

And so are our benefits...
Competitive pay
Great health coverage
Travel and conference budgets
Ability to work using the latest hardware and software of your choice
Dozens of technical brownbags and invited speakers each month

Because we love what we do!
We take bold technical leaps
We code in the open and we ship in the open
We directly impact over 450 Million users
We build technology for the benefit of the Web's users and creators
We work in a culture defined by principles over profits

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