Rapid Composites

Sarasota, FL

Rapid Composites is an established provider of engineering services with the skill, training, expertise and resources to take projects from concept to production. We strive to deliver on-time, within budget and while executing the most exacting standards of precision and performance. Rapid Composites offers a wide array of services including project management, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, prototyping, tooling, carbon fiber molding and full-production, entirely under one roof. We specialize in developing products from the ground up and are capable of executing a “start to finish” process entirely under one roof.

Composites Experts...
Our founder has over fourteen years of experience working with all forms of structural composites. We are well versed in utilizing resin transfer, hand lay-up and automated compression molding processes. We pioneered the use of continuous carbon fiber composites to construct electronic products. This process allows us to increase product strength and reduce weight by more than half when compared to aluminum, while providing substantial cost savings.

We would like to explain and eliminate any confusion about why you might see some similar artwork on a few other Coroflot portfolio pages or websites below:

Rapid Composites was formerly known as Dynamic Innovations due to an asset sale in 2010 that was later dissolved and returned to its founder in 2012 through a confidential legal agreement.

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