Coroflot Engage

You post the jobs, we'll tell your story

Coroflot Engage lets you hone and deliver your core recruitment proposition to the widest design audience possible.

  • Brand Insight

    At the heart of Coroflot Engage is a commissioned profile and interview featuring your company, mission, and staff.

  • Enhanced Presence

    Your story and open positions are then distributed via brand and editorial placement across our network of design websites.

  • Social Visibility

    An integrated social media and email campaign places your recruitment message directly into the daily media consumption of designers.

Coroflot Engage generates 2x the inquiries for open positions

Through images and insight, Coroflot Engage allows teams of any size to widely publicize the core benefits and creative character of working for their organization, drawing in otherwise passive candidates. It's true that everyone loves a good story and our hand-tailored process puts yours to work.

Our editorial staff collaborates with your team to gather, edit and present a succinct yet compelling overview of the benefits, environment and creative output that are integral to working for your company.

Your profile is given the opportunity to include first-hand insight with an optional interview with your creative team or a photo essay of your choosing. Feature your work space, projects, or your process, whatever best gives the audience access to the unique aspects of your work and culture.

Once your story and open positions are online at Coroflot, we start an integrated campaign to promote them, placing excerpts, imagery and your brand throughout our network of design communities. Both story and positions are then pushed out beyond our core audience to the broader creative market via social media and email placements, putting them directly into the inboxes and social media streams of hundreds of thousands of designers.

Coroflot Engage is fully customizable and is an easy yet powerful addition to your existing hiring efforts.

Email Deb Aldrich for details on getting started.

Amber Atkins

Head of Global Recruitment-Design at IBM

IBM Design's mission is to foster a sustained culture of design, and we get to share that through Coroflot Engage. We value fit first and our Coroflot Engagement page highlights that fit in a user friendly and delightful way. We are loving the candidates so far.

Corofot Engage Clients