Cover art for a new children's book, Chug the Bug by Kids Play Books.
Storyboard examples for Chug the Bug.
Scene 2, Chug wakes up for his first day of school!
Scene 8, Big Sam stomps!
Scene 10, Lumi the firefly shares her light with Chug.
Scene 13, Chug and his friends finally make it to school!
Cover art for the Adventures of Darwin and Dr Watson by Andrew Lynch.
Chapter Headers for The Adventures of Darwin and Dr Watson.
Chapter 2, The Beagle Shack, this is where Dr Watson and Darwin spend much of their time.
Chapter 3, The beagles are alerted when a local home and family seems to have disappeared.
Chapter 6, Dr Watson typing away late into the night.
Chapter 7, The beagles meets a suspicious new whippet, professor Boole and his owner Ms. Cottleswott.
Chapter 10, Kat breaks the device. A machine made from common household items ends up being the key in solving the mystery of the missing Smith's.
Chapter 8, Dr Watson is kidnapped, and dragged down into the basement!
Number Bugs Front Cover
Framed Chacters
Pythagoras & Bob
Map of Numeria

Examples from a few books I've illustrated!

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