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Bulbullia (R&D for Luceplan 2018).
A series of parabola of different sizes intersect to generate the characteristic geometric form of soap bubbles; conical, broad and flat shapes, each composed of a silhouette in white polycarbonate, slightly bent to take on a structural nature. Each bubble has a light source at its center: it contains the core of the lamp, and thanks to built-in dimmable LEDs spreads appealing, soft light that is reflected towards the inside of the cone.
Garbì (R&D for Luceplan 2016).
Applique that seems to take form from the wall itself, in a single solid volume of soft, regular surfaces that meet to create precise edges that become striking graphic signs. When the lamp is turned on, the light of the LED rebounds on the wall, creating a vivid contrast, and then slides inside the opening, illuminating it and delicately forming an arch on the wall.
Available in two finishes – aluminium with matte white powder coating in an embossed effect, or with external finish in metallized aluminium – Garbí is a lamp conceived to also function when it is off, because ambient light brings out the solid presence of its gently shaped form.
Stochastic (R&D for Luceplan 2015).
A suspension lamp with an evocative character, which thanks to the dematerialization of the support elements and the volumetric breakdown takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement.
Composed of glass spheres at different heights, the lamp permits infinite combinations, in a sort of “controlled freedom”: each sphere is connected to steel rods of different lengths, which are attached to the ceiling in a creative way, giving rise to always different light clusters.
Hence the name Stochastic, indicating a random process, in reference to the different possibilities for combining the spheres in unexpected ways, each time leading to a different lamp, a one-of-a-kind creation.
A game of imagination whose light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed inside the spheres, generating warm, diffused indirect lighting, aimed both upward and downward.
Cappuccina (R&D for Luceplan 2015).
A fixture composed of a slender metal base and a spherical luminous body in opaline glass, containing an LED module, on which the fabric shade simply rests, without attachment: this configuration makes it possible to move the shade and orient the light to meet different needs. The concave base seems to be the imprint of the glass sphere that emits the light.
The decoration of the fabric, made with digital printing and then bonded with polycarbonate, represents a design in the design. The four patterns have been created: a very evocative degradé texture. Very close in the upper part of the shade, the pattern gradually spreads downward,
creating a delicate shading in tune with the light that is projected on the fabric, and granting more space to the background color, which becomes dominant.
Cappuccina is ideal for the contract sector, thanks to the possibility of customizing
the fabrics, and an accessory that blocks the shade.
Compendium (R&D for Luceplan 2014).
Available in floor and suspension versions, it stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of their slim silhouette. The slim vertical body of the lamp is grafted onto a truncated conical base and extends with an initial cylindrical-section segment that gives way to a long terminal profile in extruded aluminum with a flanged section in which the LED circuits are positioned, thus making it possible to screen the light emission generated by the high-efficiency sources.
The body freely rotates on the base for an easy orientation of the indirect light. The flanged profile, in the designer’s intentions, evokes that of the «compendium» or lens screen used on large-format reflex cameras to protect the lens from excess light.
Equipped with switch and dimmer on the cable, the lamps of the Compendium family are available in the finishes black, brass and aluminum.
Ascent (R&D for Luceplan 2012).
A minimalistic design with innovative technological content. With the simple gesture to slide the lamp's head up and down, a digital pickup controls the dimming of the intensity of light output. More, the stem can tilt elastically against incidental impacts. RedDot Design award 2014.
Synapse (R&D for Luceplan 2012).
An RGB lighted "cell" can be joined modularly to compose a free-form "neural net", which can be hung vertically or fixed onto the wall/ceiling.
The LED light-sources are hidden and the net shines only by means of reflection/diffusion on its sculptural cells.
With the remote control you can select a static color hue, intensity, saturation or even a personalized dynamic color loop for the net. Several net-color setups can be stored in "scenes", which can be recalled according to the chosen ambient characterization.
The hermaphrodite digital connection between the cells has been worldwide patented.
Hope hanging lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2009)
The modern reinterpretation of the chandelier.
A series of custom made polycarbonate Fresnel lenses multiply the light source and reduce the glare for maximum comfort.
RedDot, Prize of the Prizes for Innovation by the President of the Italian Republic, Compasso d'Oro XXII and other awards.
Detail of Mix table lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2005)
An innovative table lamp with energy saving Chip on Board LED array technology.
The 5 Watt LED array with 4300 Kelvin is concentrated into a 75 degree beam to maximize efficiency.
The circuitry is held in a PMMA housing, which embeds a sliding amber filter to further warm up the light temperature according to the wanted lighting. Two blue LEDs lighten the edge during standby. A polycarbonate clip and a Zamak cast hold anodyzed aluminum sheets, which are also the heat dissipators. (...)
Mix table lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2005)
( ... ) The aluminum cast which supports the head is the joint for tilting the head around its axis and a flexible brass & steel tube permits the bending of the head to direct the light.
A conic aluminum stem and bended iron base completes the whole.
Design Plus, Compasso d'Oro XXI and other awards.
Aircon hanging lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2003)
The main body is composed by two versioned shells (the opaline reflector and the diffuser available in 4 colors), which contain the customized ballast for the 3x24W fluorescent bulbs. Seven tiny snap-in polycarbonate joints complete the body for assembly of the electronic ballast, for holding the bulbs in place and for easy bulb substitution by the customer.
The light source is both indirect to the ceiling and diffused to the floor and can be freely tilted by means of the hanging joint.
Aircon hanging lamp (R&D @ Luceplan 2003)
Detail of the polycarbonate diffuser.
Berenice LED table lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2007)
Upgrade of the Berenice lamp series with a 10W LED light source.
The heat-sink assembly has a customized plug for retrofitting the LED head to existing Berenice halogen bulb versions.
The magnesium heat-sink ensures correct heat management of the powerful light source, while maintaining lightness in order not to compromise the structural stiffness of the body.
Berenice LED table lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2007) - Detail
[...] The 3200K LED array is collimated by means of a customized Fresnel lens to a 80degree aperture. The lens is co-moulded to a shade against glare.
Nuova Fortebraccio task lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2004)
Redesign for design update & cost-optimization of the task lamp with the most independent movement of its arms.
Available as table, floor & spot version.
Nuova Fortebraccio task lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2004)
Black soft touch version.
The Sky outdoor lamp family (R&D for Luceplan 2007)
Offered with HQI, halogen, fluorescent or LED light sources, the lamp also can be wirelessly solar powered in the LED version.
All versions are IP67.
Sky outdoor lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2007)
Detail of the photovoltaic cells of the solar powered LED version.
The D7 wall & ceiling lamp (R&D for Luceplan 2006)
Redesign of the original 1981 design for light-source & norms update and cost optimization of the swinging direct and indirect halogen light lamp.
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