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(Cover) The title was created with cotton balls and photography to experiment with a non-font approach that was very fun and creative to achieve. This cover was then finished on Photoshop with four photographs merged into one. I was challenged to think outside the box and not immediately pick a font that looks pretty. This served as inspiration for me to do this more often with future projects.
Title Page
Definition Page after the title page
Specification: Justified text & Image
Specifications: Tabs & Indents
Specifications: Left & Right text alignment
Specification: Text Wrap
Specifications: Rules & Justified Text
Specification: Raised Cap
Specifications: Vertical Title & Pull Quote
Specifications: Rules & Image
Specifications: Text Wrap & Two Column body text
Specifications: Three column body text & three column title
Specifications: Pull Quote & Image
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Urban Legends, Myths & Folktales: A book about typography and tales we love

A spiral bound book for a typography class. I was exposed to common typographical problems through specifications and learned how to address them. Some problems included kerning, tracking, and hyphen issues that appeared when using text wrap and justified alignment. The following are a few of the pages with my favorite designs.

The cover title objective was to design with a non-font approach.

Eva Designer
Graphic Designer Brooklyn, NY