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Company Picnic Flyer - Designed a company flyer for CommArts. Fortune cookie illustration and layout designed in Illustrator.
Versus 3.0 Competition (winner) - Versus is a design challenge that matches two graphic designers in a collaboration to create artwork that promotes creative expression. The theme for Versus 3.0 was "paradigm." Submissions were exhibited and judged at Power House Factories in Covington, KY.
Building Symbols - Designed a set of nine symbols to represent historical structures of my hometown, Sandusky, Ohio. Kept the symbols fairly detailed to highlight the architectural features of the structures.
Origami Instruction Sheets - Designed a sequential set of origami instruction sheets to be used in classrooms to teach the basics of origami to younger children. Each sheet consists of three major areas of information: instructions on how to fold one or two well-known origami bases, instructions on how to fold a few finished origami models of the respected bases, and a horizontal timeline that tiles through all six pieces chronologically. Created all illustrations and used original photography.
Erik Vincent
Graphic Designer Boulder, CO