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Hand blown mug
Hand blown bowl
Man-wich - I first made a city forcing itself out of a sandwich tearing the top piece in half. I wasn't pleased enough with the final result so I went around and asked what else I should put in the sandwich. The best response I received was to put someone sleeping in the sandwich.
Zipper bowl - It's a bowl, with a zipper.
My right foot - This is what was intended to be a replica of my right foot. I made this during my senior year of high school.
Easter Island head - Small "replica" with clay powder based colors.
Sandwich, city? - Made this prior to making the man in the sandwich with clay and acrylic paints instead of glaze
B.B. King - Water based clay, fired then colored and re-fired after this photo
Wire head - This is a piece I made my senior year of high school. It is made out of only wire and beads.
Cutout for Karah - This was a gift I made for my friend Karah. It is a picture of her with her brother when they were young. I cut out the white and placed it on the black.
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High School
Evan Katz
Student Boston, MA