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Bottle Prototype - Volumetrically accurate SolidWorks model later used to CNC machine Lucite prototype
Bottle Prototype - Lucite model machined from SolidWorks drawings.
Decanter Prototype - Solid Lucite decanter CNC machined from SolidWorks model
Relish Bottle - Redesign old bottle to mimic a pickle barrel.
Sketches, SolidWorks Model, CNC prototype
Harry Shaw Model Inc
Handheld medical device - SolidWorks model later used for CNC machining of ABS prototype.
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Soapbars - Part of a 30 bar series, SolidWorks models built from concept sketches
Orthopedic Surgery Table Attachment - Rendering of SolidWorks Model
Silverware CAD Models - SolidWorks models built from concept sketches
Harry Shaw Model Maker
Full-time, Moonlighting
Frank Toth
Director of Product Engineering at Gar Products Farmingdale, NJ