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Invasion Of The Penguins - Ramadan Postcard - A Postcard for Ramadan
Hairs - This is a scene from my late animation film (in progress) "Hairs"
Fear of Flying - An illustration page for Reader's Digest Magz
An ilustration page for a magazine
Clothespin - An illustration page for a magazine
Hellboy - Quick painting with Painter. Model taken from Wizard Magz, Hellboy The Movie.
Running Rose - Pencil. Painter.
Strumming In Pastel - Strumming For My Soul (original) - A drawing I've made for a friend on Deviant Art.

See the original photo:

Vonis Mati - A friend asked me to draw him in Painter.
Tee Traxhead - See Ya Again! - My comic characters on MTV TRAX and/or TRAX Magazine, 2002 - 2007.
Reader's Digest - Nico dan Jam Pasir (Nico and his Sand Clock) - An illustration for RD Magz Indonesia on an article about a boy, his mom and his sand clock.
Backpacker - An illustration for a magazine
Farewell Mita! - A farewell gift, ordered from a client in WB
Farewell Sebastian! - A farewell gift ordered from a client on WB
Reader's Digest - Fishing Pole - An illustration for Reader's Digest Magz on a story about a man, his pants, and a fishing pole.
Reader's Digest - Kissing - An illustration for RD Magz Indonesia for a kissing article.
Reader's Digest - Shopping Crazee - An illustration about smart shopping, sale and discounts.
Reader's Digest - Charging Batteries - an illustration for RD Magz, about battery's life
Cognito Heroes - Illustrations of staffs from Cognito Communication, Jakarta, Indonesia
The Kampret Show Desktop Wallpapers - Desktop Wallpapers
Album Cover Concept - Lipgloss Band, 2006, Indonesia. - Concept album for Lipgloss Band's ASA
Illustrations - Digital & Traditional
Firman Widyasmara
Stop-Motion Enthusiast | Animator | Director Jakarta, Indonesia