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The Stereo-lens «Iconray stereo lens» - 3D-images for SLR cameras

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=456&lang=en
e-book reader «Pocketbook» - The device for reading fans.

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=610&lang=en
The Heater PCWH 2066Di - The household wall ceramic heater.

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=606&lang=en
The Shelving unit - The useful thing for house, garage and cottage.

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=466&lang=en
The Instant Water Heater «Stream Pro» - The instant water heater for household purpose.

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=603&lang=en
The Receiver - The Audio receiver for wireless microphone

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=476&lang=en
The Intercom «Gardi Magic Touch» - Desk control panel for entry phone system.

more images and information ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=439&lang=en
Plastic cutting board Berossi - All the rights are belong to Berossi (http://berossi.by). Unauthorized copying is not allowed without the permission of the copyright holders. © 2009
Door bell «Gardi» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=367
French-press «Inox» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=364
speakers «Acoustic Mine» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=339
Speakers «Soundflow» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=342
Frizer v001 «Nord» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=352
Gascooker «Nord» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=348
Frizer v002 «Nord» - more info ? http://avostrikov.com/?p=355
Kettle Qp
Stand fan Techno
Humidifier/airwasher - co-author Nikolay Vorotnikov
Magnetic electronic key RMXLabs
Wall ceramic heater Omega
Kettle Futurka - co-author Nikolay Vorotnikov
Table ceramic air-heater Polaris
Electrir oil radiator Korobka
Table phone Jukka
Waterheater Omega
Micatermic heater Polaris
Butting saw Loza
Computer case Locomotive
Laser machine Luch
Monochannel audio amplifier
Remote control for headunit Ural
Frame-clamping machine Vayma
butting saw Nortec-350
Sterilizer Bioster
Autonavigator headunit Autotracker
Headunit Ural
Headunit Helix
3channels twitters block
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